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Please check out the gallery page with the submissions of what users have done with their orders. These images will give you some ideas on what you can do with yours, or just show you how other people have painted and prepared their peices.

Exhibit Dates

  Event 1 Event 2
Name of Event Enfilade Worldcon
When Memorial Day Weekend August 19th-23rd 2015
Olympia, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Other Info Sorry we missed last years' convention, but this year we are back on schedule. Hope to see you there! If you want more info about Enfilade, visit the official convention website . We will only have a small corner set up for this one, not the full booth that we normally host. For more info about the event visit the .

Older Updates

Welcome back to all old time customers, and new ones alike. Please take a look around the newly redone site. The new site was redone and launched in February of 2015 after some problems with the old hosting company that I was going through with caused me to lose my old website. Thanks to we have the new site up and functioning the way that it should be.

Stonehouse miniatures is a crafting business. we create all sorts of things, such as landscapes, vehicles, and other miniature works that are used for models or table top roleplaying games. Just take a look through the products that are listed in the products page, and you may find something that you like.

  • Stone Patterned Game Mat

    15mm Stonehouse

    15mm Slate Roofed Stonehouse

    Complete Aztec Pyramid

    The Egyptian Sphinx

    Steam Elephant

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