Welcome to Stonehouse Miniatures!

Stonehouse Miniatures is now reopened!

Welcome back to all old time customers, and new ones alike. Please take a look around the newly redone site. The old hosting service got shut down and we lost the old site files, so it became necessary to have a new website created. Some of the items on the product page are currently using temporary images or don;t have their links to the PayPal cart implimented yet, but these will be added in soon. For any item missing it's PayPal button, just send a short message using the form on the contact page and we will be happy to help out with your order that way.

Stonehouse miniatures is a crafting business. we create all sorts of things, such as landscapes, vehicles, and other miniature works that are used for models or table top roleplaying games. Just take a look through the products that are listed in the products page, and you may find something that you like.

If you want, you can also connect with us on Social Media.